A 50% deposit is required at the placement of your order. Final payment is due upon receipt of merchandise.

Changes to already placed orders will need to be in writing and signed off by both parties.

As orders are custom and specific to the individual party there are no returns of finished merchandise.

Any problems with orders must be reported within 24 hr. of the order being delivered or picked up.

Any damaged goods not caused by the customer (manufacturing issues) may be returned unworn for store credit or replacement.

Returns will not be accepted on sizing issues. We are more than happy to supply you with samples to check sizing before placing your order. Your order will be placed exactly how you have instructed us to do.

Please allow for a 5% difference in logo placement.

Shipping charges will vary based on the size of the order.

All charges will be detailed in writing and agreed upon by both parties. The customer will be notified in advance in the event that there will be additional fees.