When you are launching your new business, there are several different ways to help generate revenue and build your brand. One of the most underrated aspects that many businesses overlook is hiring a professional custom screen printing expert as part of their marketing strategy. Hiring a custom screen printing expert can help you promote your business, and it is one of the most overlooked aspects that many new businesses miss nowadays. The benefits are numerous, but it’s important to know that it is not only for generating revenue and building brand awareness – but hiring a professional like Ginny’s Custom Embroidery, Inc. will also ensure quality customer service with every aspect from start to finish.

Benefits of T-Shirt Screen Printing for Business

Screen-printed T-shirts are a perfect means of getting a prospective client’s attention and later inviting them to see what your business offers. The screen printing process allows you to make profits while also cultivating customer loyalty through this form of advertising which has been proven time and again as one of the most effective means for attracting attention from potential clients. Here are the benefits of T-shirt Screen Printing in Monroe, GA.

Efficient and Quick

Although the screen-printing process might be a complicated affair, the process can be quite speedy if performed by our highly-skilled professionals at Ginny’s Custom Embroidery, Inc. Our screen-printing experts are also quite efficient due to the numerous years of unmatched service in Georgia and the surrounding areas. For this reason, your business can start using the custom screen-printed T-shirts within a few days of ordering.

The screen-printing process may seem easy, but it requires years of experience to achieve a high-quality product in the least time. To do this, our screen-printing experts prepare a stencil of your desired design. Then, they will place it on a mesh screen.

The screen is normally stretched over a frame that is well-aligned to the printing area on the T-shirt. Using an ink roller, the expert then prints the design on the T-shirt. The process becomes quick and efficient because the stencil can be used to screen-print several other T-shirts without repeating the stencil creation process.

Cheap Publicity

Many professional screen-printing services, such as Ginny’s Custom Embroidery, Inc., offer affordable rates for services rendered. This way, you can sell or hand out more of your T-shirts, creating more brand awareness for your business. It means your business can benefit from several easily mass-produced T-shirts without hurting your finances.

According to experts, marketing through attires is among the leading marketing strategies to advertise your business. You can pay for a commercial or a billboard advertisement, which are good marketing strategies. However, they will be taken down eventually, and the attention you get from them alone could be just momentary. On the other hand, a T-shirt can be worn anywhere, anytime. Depending on how many you have given out or sold to the public, your business is constantly getting advertised all the time.

High Visibility

Screen printed T-shirts are bold-looking, vibrant, bright, and highly visible. The use of vibrant colors and images makes it noticeable and visually appealing. Professional screen printing utilizes a high-quality that gets absorbed into the apparel’s fabric, such as hoodies, shirts, and others.

At Ginny’s Custom Embroidery, Inc., we ensure you get only high-quality screen printing services. Our products have raised ink on the fabric. But the ink can still flex and bend with it without cracking. This allows for a more realistic feel and texture of the design or artwork. More so, we can create an outstanding and crisp-looking logo, image, or graphic on your T-shirt using only one or two colors.

Very Durable

The ink we use to screen-print your T-shirt is expertly applied as a thick layer that makes it quite durable. This means we can advertise your business’s products and services for a longer period than conventional T-shirt prints. Additionally, we can prolong the lasting effects of the product by using high-grade fabric.


T-shirt printing is arguably the fastest and cheapest way to advertise your business than other advertisement forms. Besides choosing the right apparel and screen printing technique, consider our T-shirt printing options at Ginny’s Custom Embroidery, Inc. that can be cost-effective in the long run.

You have to pick a blank T-shirt, talk to our experts about your custom designs, and let us do the rest. We will help you professionally plan your desired design and screen printing technique. By printing these promotional T-shirts in bulk, you end up saving money.

They Are Conversation Starters

As a business owner, you should encourage your staff to wear apparels that promote your business. This could be at your workplace, public gatherings, family reunions, or even corporate events. A well-printed and designed custom T-shirt can be quite appealing, leaving a lasting impression on your intended audience.

Depending on their design and appeal, potential clients might strike up a conversation about the design of the T-shirt and eventually may ask about your business. Our well-designed and printed promotional screen-printed T-shirts can be great conversation starters and open doors to more business.

Creates Accountability

Whether you own a big or a small business, you want your employees to exude professionalism. Screen printed T-shirts not only make your staff members feel important, but they also encourage them to offer services to customers in a professional way.

With the company logo conspicuously displayed on their T-shirts, employees become more conscious about how they act around clients and the public. For this reason, T-shirt screen printing can be beneficial to your business by encouraging your employees to maintain decorum wherever they are and act professionally as representatives of the company.

The Top T-Shirt Screen Printing in Monroe, GA

If you are looking for a reliable and trustworthy T-shirt screen printing service provider in Monroe, Georgia, you have come to the right place. Ginny’s Custom Embroidery is a world leader in providing the highest quality screen printed T-shirts and other promotional products.

Not only does our locally owned business strive to make an impact in our community and the industry, but we also ensure we provide you with superior customer service as well as build lasting business relationships. At Ginny’s Custom Embroidery, Inc, you can expect the following:

· Low prices.

· Integrity and transparency.

· An efficient turn-around.

· A strategic market plan.

. Customer satisfaction.

· Unmatched customer service.

· Top-quality products and services.

For more on the benefits of T-shirt screen printing for businesses, visit Ginny’s Custom Embroidery Inc. in Monroe, GA. You can also call 678-635-5269 today to book an appointment.