When looking for printing options for your promotional advertising materials in Monroe, you need to ensure that you get exceptionally high-quality products within your specified timelines. Silkscreen printing is a common technique that has helped entrepreneurs create quality, long-lasting and affordable promotional products for their customers and staff. This post will discuss how this technique works, its pros and cons for your business, and where to get available, reputable, experienced, and professional screen printers for your next screen printing project in Monroe.

What Is Screen Printing?

Screen printing is a stencil printing technique that is used in graphic design, textiles, and printmaking. The most important elements of silkscreen printing are a stencil image, mesh screen, and mesh screen deposit ink. Also known as silkscreen printing, screen printing, or serigraph printing, this technique was traditionally used for the printing of t-shirts, tapestries, and documents using a silk mesh. Today, polyester and nylon have replaced silkscreen mesh.

During the printing process, the screen printers stretch mesh over a frame made of aluminum or wood to make a screen. This must be done under tension, or the design will not be clean. For more detailed designs, a finer aperture is used for the mesh. Mesh printing screens can be reclaimed and reused until they get worn out, making this technique a cost-effective way of printing custom t-shirts and marketing materials.

This technique has also evolved from t-shirt and garment printing, and today, you can create your artwork on materials such as metal, plastic, wood, paper, ceramic, and glass. However, multi-colored prints require multiple screens and can increase the cost of the printed material.

In terms of ink, there is a variety of options for different projects. The most popular ones are caviar beads, cracking ink, discharge inks, expanding ink, flocking, foil, glitter ink, gloss ink, mirrored silver ink, metallic ink, nylon bond, plastisol, PVC ink, suede, and water-based inks.

What Is the Screen Printing Process in Monroe?

Silkscreen printing is a process that progresses from one stage to another in a specific order. The process involves pre-press preparation, press, and post-press activities. Various activities take place during each of these phases.

There are various screen printing techniques used in Monroe, but the emulsion technique is the most common. Emulsion allows printers to print multiple identical designs within a very short time, hence a cost-effective branding technique for businesses. The prints are also of very high quality.

The printer creates a stencil by printing a light-sensitive photo emulsion on lacquer or glue, then develops it like a normal photograph. Once the emulsion dries up, they place its negative over a screen and then expose it to a light source. The image is usually opaque and held with tape. The emulsion is wet but can be hardened by exposing it to light. All areas that are covered by the image remain dry. The printer must wash the mesh to remove ink and print the image on a clean mesh. A rubber squeegee forces ink through the mesh, producing your desired artwork. If printing multi-color designs, the printer will have to create several screens for it.

Ginny’s Custom Embroidery Inc. has been helping small businesses in Monroe, GA, create affordable t-shirts for marketing using this screen printing technique. To help you stand out against all competition, here is how Ginny’s custom printing process looks like:

  1. Open our online catalog and select what you want. Then, you can ask for more information or request a quote for it after entering your preferred product specifications.
  2. Fill the online contact form with your project specifications. If possible, attach your image for our designers to have a look at.
  3. Get a quote from our sales team.
  4. Approve artwork if you are ordering custom printing designs. If you are a returning customer, you do not need to approve artwork unless you are making modifications.
  5. Garment selection.
  6. Screen preparation 
  7. Actual printing 
  8. Cleaning and reclaiming the screen 
  9. Delivery and shipping.
  10. Write a review. If you are satisfied with our work, do not forget to recommend us to others looking for custom screen printing services in Monroe, GA.

Advantages of Using This Method for Businesses in Monroe

Advantages of Screen Printing

  1. Durability. The ink used is thick and does not fade with garment washing. This makes it last longer.
  2. Cost-effective when done in bulk. Screen printing is cheap when you bulk produce since one screen can be used on multiple items. However, your cost will cover:
    • Number of colors and detail on your logo registered trademark
    • The printer’s impressions per hour
    • Time on press
    • The shop’s overhead
    • Delivery fees charged by third parties
    • T-shirt or material cost and the shop’s markup
  1. Saves time. The only time-intensive step in the production process was the making of screens. However, you can replicate the same design on multiple items. In addition, an automated printer can produce 700 pieces every hour, saving your time. Having the right equipment like the one Ginny’s Custom Embroidery Inc. use for their screen printing jobs means you can have same-day deliveries.
  2. It is versatile. You can print your design on almost anything, whether flat or curved. You can therefore use this printing technique on:
    • Garments and apparel such as t-shirts, caps, uniforms, fleece, golf shirts, aprons, and sweatbands.
    • Unusual materials such as bags, ties, umbrellas, horse blankets, can wraps, towels, and balls
    • Flat materials such as binders, mugs, notebooks, pens, name tags, and calendars.
  1. Gives a variety of ways to market your brand creatively. You can express creativity in the production of your designs. For instance, give out printed balloons for Christmas or hang them when launching a new product, send branded seasonal greetings to customers, and reward them with customized messages on branded materials. Everyone who comes into contact with these items will get to know your brand.

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