Greetings Branding Crew,

Ever wonder what powder coated or hammered finish is?

Selecting the right finish for your drinkware can be quite confusing! You think you are ordering a shiny finish and it comes in dull, or you think it will have an etched logo and it comes in with a screened logo.????
There are so many options out there and it’s very easy to get tripped up! THAT is why you have us! We are the Experts and can make sure you have the right product!
Below are 5 popular finishes that you can try, and as always let’s order you a SAMPLE!
We are happy to provide a sample of the product to ensure we are getting exactly what you are looking for.
Check details out below, click image to look at specific products & there are a few on closeout as well????????
As Always,


Layton Bottle $2.25
Arlington Hammered Stainless
$8.25, 24 MIN QTY
Electroplated Tumbler
$6.65, 36 MIN QTY