Greetings Branding Crew,

I’m always a fan of a good deal, and closeouts are a great way toย BUILD YOUR BRANDย without breaking your budget! This week I will be showcasing some of our great closeouts below. Just mention this email to receive closeout pricing!

Check it out below! ๐Ÿ‘‡๐Ÿป

As Always,


4037 46″ Arc
Spectrum Umbrella
$5.49 40+ QTY
6255 Black Frame
Color Mirrored
Aviator Sunglasses
$1.79 150+ QTY
7509 Compact
$0.55 250+ QTY
Captain’s Chair
$20.34 24+ QTY
On the Move
$11.96 50+ QTY
SPF-30 Lip Balm
$0.88 250+ QTY
92 12 Oz.
Kirkland Stainless
Steel Mug
$5.39 36+ QTY
3299 Broad Stripe Zippered Tote Bag
$3.85 50+ QTY
1357 Note Folding Desk Caddy
$3.25 100+ QTY

All about the soft tee!ย Gone are the days for uncomfortable tees, lets choose something people will actually wear! Looking at new tri-blends and soft styles to meet your screen printing dreams! Join us on the trail….