Greetings Branding Crew,

We can’t wait to see you June 17th at the Oconee County Chamber Summer Fest! As any brander would agree, we love themes! Theme events create wonderful opportunities to uniquelyย BUILD YOUR BRANDย and stand out from the competition.
Today you can see a sneak peak of whatย TEAM GCEย will be handing out, and give you an idea ofย WHYย you need us to help with creative ways toย BUILD YOUR BRAND!

Check it out below! ๐Ÿ‘‡๐Ÿป

As Always,

A perfect Summer Theme!
First product, this awesome cooling towel and the summer play on words of course!
“Keep COOL and let GCE Handle
Your Branding Needs”
Secondly how about a
“Stay Cool with GCE”
Ice Pop!
Such a fun way toย Build a COOL Brand!

Click image above to see product info!โ˜

Next week on the trail… New Virtual Showcase Videos of our vast supply of Carharttยฎ bags!