Greetings Branding Crew,

We had such a great time at our EXPO last week, hope you had a chance to stop by! Remember to KEEP YOUR COOL with GCE and let us handle your BRANDING needs!
Today I will be showcasing two new for 2021 Carhartt ® bag options.
Check it out below! 👇🏻

As Always,

Carhartt® Tote 18-Can Cooler

This tote cooler is just what you need when you’re camping, on the jobsite or having a picnic by the lake. Insulated and seam-sealed, your food and drinks will stay fresh and cool. 

Carhartt® Utility Tote

This rugged tote is versatile enough to lug around all your work gear, keep near your work bench or toss in the truck and haul everything you need—regardless of light rain. Made from durable heavyweight canvas, this ultra-tough tote never stops performing. A sturdy base helps ensure it can stand on its own.

Next week on the trail…
WonderWink scrubs are here! Ready to outfit any size team, our exclusive WorkFlex and Premiere Flex collections are now available in eight colors and a full range of sizes.